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Happy New Year! – Exploring How You Want to Feel in 2024

Happy New Year!


I hope you had a wonderful holiday season! As we embark on the journey of a new year, the January 2024 newsletter is here to inspire and guide you through the possibilities that lie ahead. In this edition, we shift our focus from mere resolutions to embracing the essence of how we want to feel, recognizing that our emotions are the threads weaving the tapestry of our experiences. It's a call to cultivate emotional awareness, urging us to listen to our feelings and let them shape our paths. From powerful insights on letting go of the old to exciting events and workshops in Cle Elum, this newsletter is a compass for navigating the transformative year ahead. Join us in embracing the richness of 2024 and crafting a story that resonates with the emotions we aspire to feel. Here's to a month of growth, positivity, and creating the life we envision!


How Do We Want to Feel In The New Year?

As we begin the first Monday of the year, let's shift our focus from the usual checklist of to-dos for the new year. Sure, planning family vacations, organizing spaces, and setting personal goals are part of the process. However, what if we took a moment to consider how we want the upcoming year to feel? Instead of immediately diving into action items, let's reflect on the emotions we want to define our journey.


In the tapestry of 2024, let's weave a narrative centered on how we want to feel rather than getting lost in the rigidity of to-do lists. It's crucial to recognize that our emotions are the compass guiding us through the year, shaping our experiences and responses. To cultivate a heightened awareness of our feelings, consider these five practices:

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