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"Thank you, Chris! The retreat was a wonderful group experience and a great "reset" opportunity. The beautiful setting and view made it especially memorable. And the horses were an added bonus!"

Retreat Attendee

"Today was an incredible chance to escape the business of life, retreat to nature, and remind myself of my foundations. It was phenomenal to connect with animals, get a massage, and enjoy the beauty of the mountains."

Retreat Attendee

"Chris, you’re a wonderful person. Warm and welcoming. Your presentation was fun, thoughtful, and inspiring. Including horses was a great idea. Horses are so therapeutic."

Retreat Attendee

"This women’s retreat provided a safe space to build new friendships, laugh, relax, and most of all gave me the tools to manifest positivity and a vision for a healthy, happy future."

Retreat Attendee

"Fun time had by all! Day filled with positive people, activities, and material. Authentic female power, connection, and support."

Retreat Attendee

"Gratitude is the best word to describe what this experience has given me. Lots of time and effort was put in for this group of ladies. The biggest thing I gained from this was a sense of community and purpose. Thank you so much for this!"

Retreat Attendee

"I couldn’t be more grateful for the time I spent with Chris. Before our first meeting, I felt an inward uncertainty and nervousness that extended to questions about what my experience would be like with her. Any hesitation was dispelled when I sat down with Chris for the first time. Chris immediately created a safe space in which we were able to explore questions I hadn’t thought to ask myself. We discussed my values, passions, and experiences, and together, we brought into focus what I want my life to look like. With her help, I now have a clearer path ahead of me that I am confidently moving along."

Ellie - Coaching Client

Chris prompted me to reflect on my life values, identify those that are required for me to be happy, and unapologetically apply this knowledge. At the same time, she helped me examine several of the life values held by the person with whom I was involved and accept that some of our values were longstanding and incongruent, which accounted for much of the conflict and heartache that we experienced in the relationship. 

When I initially thought about my values, foundational principles such as honesty, integrity, and courage came to mind, all of which my significant other exhibited in abundance. I came to realize that we were lacking, however, in everyday but equally important values, such as common interests, views about money, how we viewed our respective roles, and what we should do with our time.

I have learned to better apply and clearly communicate healthy boundaries for myself
without the attending guilt that I used to have. I also remind myself that values are unique to
each of us and that when values collide, this does not necessarily mean that one person and
values are better or worse than those of the other. I am better at suggesting compromises on
the smaller issues but have also come to accept responsibility for values that are non-
negotiable for me and conduct myself accordingly.

Clara - Coaching Client

I have been working with Chris as a DV coach for 2 1/2 years now. She came into my life at a time when I was broken and knew something needed to change. I'd been living a life in denial of what was actually going on - avoiding the truth for the sake of not breaking up my family, and along list of "what ifs". I felt ashamed for how far I'd let myself go down a road of being in an abusive relationship without realizing it. When we first started working together, she didn't tell me to just leave and get out of my relationship, but instead supported me in all my emotions and taught me about boundary setting knowing that it was up to me to make that decision. I
remember distinctly during one of our sessions I told her that I wanted to tell my son that "I would always protect him".  She said to me, "If you say that you would be lying to him," because as long as you are staying in this relationship you are not protecting him. That was a huge turning point that hit me like a ton of bricks.


Chris listens, respects, and understands all of my emotions, but also holds me accountable for what I say I am going to do. She takes the time out of her day to check in with me, offer her support and guidance, and has helped me navigate through so many difficult scenarios (and still does). I am beyond grateful for Chris, and I feel like I owe a lot of my strength and resilience to everything she has taught me along the way. To this day I have never met her in person, but I feel like she is one of my closest friends who has stood by me through a very dark, but also empowering time in my life.

Jodi - Coaching Client

"I am so happy that I attended. Chris guided the discussion in a way that allowed for all of us to feel safe to share our intimate feelings. This provided an environment to let go of the negative and allow for positive growth moving forward. It was well planned out so we could stay on time without feeling rushed. I left with a feeling of hope and encouragement. Thank you so much for such a great event!"

Bowl Burning Ceremony Attendee

"Thank you for a great Saturday event.  I knew this was important to me, but I hadn't really thought about who else might attend.  I was fascinated by the group and how similar we all were/are.  It was a wonderful space - I felt welcome, secure and able to be involved as much or as little as I wanted to.  That is a talent that YOU have to make everyone feel included and yet independent. Thank you!"

Bowl Burning Ceremony Attendee

"I had never done a bowl burning that was so welcoming and open hearted. I felt so at ease and Chris was wonderful in giving us insight to assist in our writings of letting go. The ceremony was peaceful and easy, I felt at ease and closure as soon as that paper burned! Relief! Letting go is an important aspect to my personal growth! I will opt in every time!

Bowl Burning Ceremony Attendee


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