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Vision Board

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Congratulations on taking the first step in visualizing and creating

the grandest vision for your life in 2019!

What is a Vision Board? It's creating a visual representation of what you envision for your life. It allows you to define and clarify your aspirations, reinforce them and keep your intentions focused.

1. Placement. Place your Vision Board in a place where you can see it and read it daily. Take a picture of it and keep it as a screen saver on computer and keep on phone. Those images will guide your attention towards what you want to manifest, even during your hardest days. Visualize yourself living the life of the images/words on your board.

2. Intention. Your intention has to be clear and be an active desire. Setting intention is an ongoing daily process. Start with the smaller visions on your board and once those become a routine, then add bigger visions. Be grateful everyday for what you already have and then invite more to arrive.

3. Eliminate/Release. Eliminate all the negative words, be aware of your environment, clear the clutter, toxic people and release the energy zappers that are not in alignment with your vision.

4. Mindfulness. Start training your mind that you are ready for transformation and success. Create new rituals/habits or practices-something you do over and over again whether its visualization or affirmations, etc.

5. Alignment. You need time and space to train your mind and allow your new wisdom to

work in your daily space. Your spirit, heart, mind & body must be aligned to work together to make a change.

6. Decision. When intention manifests itself as an opportunity make decisions that are clear and based on a mindset of abundance. Do not wait for the universe to bring it to you and don’t make excuses to stop. This is your ego in fear. I AM FEARLESS! The power of “I AM”

7. Show Up. Make a decision to take action in getting deliberate to move forward with your intentions. Continue to practice your ritual/habits daily. Listen to the whispers and pay attention to opportunities and move towards them.

8. Inspiration. Invest in yourself and honor your vision. Surround yourself with positive energy, celebrate the “WooHoo” moments, meditate, follow inspirational sites, take time for you and enjoy the moments!

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