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Two simple words that can change a life

GOOD MORNING! Two simple words that can change the course of your day.

Each morning I get up and walk my dog, Emma, rain or shine. I am greeted by other walkers and we exchange a "Good Morning!" Is every day a good morning, not always, but after I hear and say those two words several times, my mindset begins to shift for the day.

For the last few weeks on my walk, I see the same woman sitting on the park bench with her backpack & small suitcase. She has the same blue baseball hat on, pony tail peeking out the back and blue jacket on. She usually sits on the same bench facing the water and keeps her head down. I don't know her story but have been curious.

Today, I said "Good Morning" and she looked up, smiled and we talked about the beautiful weather. Today we exchanged names, we talked about Emma and she told me a little bit about herself. Her name is Julie. I'm sure Julie has a story as to why she sits on the same bench every day but I did not ask. Today, Julie and I made a connection. Today, Julie and I smiled and laughed.

I look forward to my walk tomorrow so that Julie and I can say "Good Morning!"

Everyday, take the time to say "Good Morning" as you never know how those 2 words can change your life or someone elses!

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