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Updated: Jan 1, 2019

I struggled with the meaning behind this hashtag and was going to stay silent about my personal experiences as I choose to use this forum for positivity. However, the photo above popped up in my memories today and it was a sign to use my voice to hopefully give strength to even one person to get the courage to use their voice to end the abuse.

If combined over the years as a child and adult it was more than 35 times of being abused and sexually assaulted but I finally got strong enough to say no more and broke the cycle of mental and physical abuse so that my son would grow up to understand how to treat women and how he should be treated.

#metoo is a powerful statement with so many woman posting. All the conversation going on is an amazing movement and it's important to understand that both woman and men are affected by harassment and mental and physical abuse.

The shame that all victims go through weather you are a movie star, actor or regular person is indescribable and we lose our voice. With this movement of #metoo our voices must be heard.I

I could write pages on here about this topic however it is a very personal story for so many so I use my voice to start the conversation with all of you and if you would like to share your story, need tools/resources to help stop the cycle, I am here to talk in confidence in a different forum.

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