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Expose Documentary - 88 Stories, One Voice.

Do you remember early last year when I posted that I was being interviewed for a documentary? No, well I don't blame you! Not long after that interview with Anastazja Celebration she invited me to be a part of the Board for the Expose Documentary that she was creating. Anastazja, the Board, the 88 women who participated in the video and countless other people involved in this project invite you to watch the Expose trailer where 88 women came together to share our healing stories with one voice.

It has been long over 2 years for the trailer to be released and we are excited for you to see it! Our goal is to have the entire documentary completed by March of this year.

88 Stories, One Voice.

Thrivers and experts unite together and share as one voice, their wounds and the remedies to heal from abuse. This film exposes what was once unspeakable and proves that thriving after abuse is possible for everyone.

Help Expose to reach and transform 500 million lives by sharing this trailer with your friends and family on your social media!

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