I work with women who are sick and tired of attracting unhealthy relationships. They are frustrated and tired of settling. I help them shift by improving their communication skills and getting laser focused about what they want and need most, so they can finally create love in a healthy relationship.

Below is a sample of what we will cover when you coach with me:

  • Motivation to Change Wheel of Balance to Create Your Vision. We create a new vision for your present and future by looking at all your life segments and rating your current level of satisfaction personally, and in all relationships. After, we use out of the box thinking to create solutions for urgent situations and begin to set new goals to achieve.

  • Action Steps for Personal Growth and Success. We begin to break down your personal and relationship goals into small action steps which are clearly defined and set in motion. Weekly activities help to inspire your growth.

  • Life Balance is Essential & Changing your Mind-Set. A positive mindset will be developed by eliminating your automatic negative thoughts. We begin eliminating the chaos, create accountability, and using each day to rebuild and create your new life and way of being. 

  • Explore Past Limiting Beliefs, Fix Negative Traits, and Understand Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships. Becoming an emotionally healthy single is half of the solution to finding the love you desire. Once you feel confident about who you are, you will attract a healthy partner and stop attracting the unhealthy. You will have a clear vision of your values, requirements, and wants and needs to create your relationship.  You will be laser focused on your dating criteria – creating exactly what you are looking for in a relationship as you begin to date.

Benefits of Love & Transformation Coaching:

  • Learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships and break free from toxic partners.

  • Stop attracting dysfunctional personality types

  • Stop negative thoughts and behavior patterns that are sabotaging your relationships

  • Heal emotionally by adopting a positive mindset and confident attitude

  • Reinvent yourself to become a successful, confident single woman before dating

  • Improve all the areas of your life with more personal confidence and happiness

  • Know the essential character traits in an emotionally healthy partner

  • Be clear on your needs, requirements, and desires for a life-long partner

  • Use the “Law of Attraction” to manifest your life-long partner!


Contact me today for a Complimentary 45-minute Life & Love Transformation Session to discuss your personal needs & goals with me.


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